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French Baguette

French BaguettesFrench Baguettes

Most bakers of artisanal breads will confess that, of all the breads they make, the most challenging is the baguette.  Go figure: the traditional baguette consists of only four ingredients: flour, salt, yeast, and water.  Yet, to produce the perfect loaf requires the right type of aged flour, pure water, an eye for seeing when the dough is of the proper consistency, and, finally, patience to resist the temptation of sliding it into the oven before its time.  If all of these steps are followed, the result should yield a loaf that is perfectly fermented, a crumb that is open yet soft, and a taste that you may not be able to describe, but will leave you smiling.

Here at our bakery, we have made thousands of baguettes, but for all we practice, it’s a never-ending challenge to get it right.  We are always striving for the perfect baguette.